Dungeon Siege and Windows 7 x64

I found a super easy way to get Dungeon Siege working for Windows 7.
When you try to play the game a window will come up with some bull about having compatibility problems. Here is what i did to get the game working perfectly on my Windows 7 x64 (64 bit):

1. Make sure you install DirectX 9.0c since Windows 7 doesn’t come with it!
2. Install the game like normal
3. Go into the directory were you installed it probably “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesDungeon Siege”
4. Double click on DSVideoConfig.exe
5. It will probably say “Primary Display Driver – Hardware” change it to whatever video card you have. For example i would change mine to “NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX – Hardware” DO NOT PICK THE ONE THAT SAYS “TnL”
6. you can pick whatever resolution, shadows or filtering you want and click OK
7. Now play the game!

EDIT: If you are going to play Legend of Aranna you have to go into your documents folder go into the Dungeon Siege folder open your DungeonSiege.ini file and copy the first 3 (4?) lines. Go back to documents folder and go into the Dungeon Siege LOA folder, open the DungeonSiege.ini file there and paste it over the first 3 (4?) lines there.

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  1. I still have an issue starting the game, it doesn’t do anything at all. I’m running windows 7.
    I tried everything mentioned on this site but my problem isn’t described here.

    When I try to start the game I see that the pc is thinking, it shows the blue circle next to the cursor. After a few seconds it disappears and nothing happens.

  2. Be aware that while the main post here addresses the issues of the Original DS and it’s later add-on DS:LOA there is a later bundled version that combines both DS and LOA into a single package where they share a single .ini file. Follow the main directions for adjusting DSVConfig.exe, then change the compatability for both DS.exe and DSLOA.exe to “Vista SP2”. Game should work after that.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this solution. We bought the game from Amazon yesterday and then couldn’t get it to run. This solution worked perfectly and now I’m playing the game without any problems.

  4. ds2 is not responding….its just showng a blank screen…some times it works…other times it doesnt open at all……please helppp…thank you

  5. I’m trying to install DS1/LOA, I do not already have the original DS1 installed, and I keep getting this message:

    “Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna needs to modify the file C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/ Dungeon Siege/dungeonsiege.exe, which is currently in use by another application. Quit any other applications, then click retry.”

    Nothing else is open, so I’m assuming it means the setup.exe… Anyone know what I have to do?

  6. You also need to copy and past the system.detail gas from the Dungeon Siege LOA folder into both of the dungeon siege folders in documents. Many thanks!

  7. People still play this? hehe…. So here I am, decided to give DS and DSLOA a go again.. I’m excited to play. However having some issues. Done all these steps a long with a lot of testing… I can get the game to go and working now, but not 100% the way I’d like to play it..

    I installed with old disks, LOA which includes full version of DS as well.. DS (patch version 1.1.1) will only run in windows 2000 for me. As for LOA, definitely only runs in Vista compatability for me…. (as a side note, I also have the plain DS game disks without the LOA expansion.. which only runs in XP service pack 2 mode.)

    These games run fine in full screen, but I’d like to play the game in windowed mode. Looked up how to do it… edited and add commands to the .exe, tried adjusting the width and height in the ini file… which works, they do run in windowed mode, BUT only run in 800×600 .. anything higher than that, it just crashes with a black screen as soon as I create the character, or continue my current game. If I go to options after I loaded my character, to adjust the resolution to 1024×768, the screen goes grey, the music still plays and the mouse still works, but eventually it stops responding. I’ve tried several resolutions, but no others work :( I feel like Im so close, anyone have any ideas? I guess the game is playable, but my monitor is so huge, that playing in a 800×600 tiny window seems so silly.. and full screen its all streched out because my monitor is 16×10 not 16×9. Help! It would be highly appreciated :)

  8. well for me it didnt work :( in the ds2videoconfig there simply is no option that doesnt say “TnL”. only primary display driver TnL and my graphic card TnL.
    need help pls :(

  9. Well tried a lot of things got it working with installing direct x 9.c and runing the dxvideoconfig in the game directory with the DataException thing set to exclude all exe’s in the folder then copied the 4 lines of dugeonsiege ini to dungeonsige ini in the loa folder after starting loa. had to use taskmanager to end the program until all the things were done and it works like a champ
    ASUS G74SX-DH73-3D Nivida 560 m 3gig card intel I72620 and 16 gig ram

    1. I don’t understand. I don’t have a dxvideoconfig in my game directory. I have a DS Video Config.exe. And there is no DataException. I also have no ini file. Normal Dungeon Siege runs perfectly for me. Legends of Aranna–BOOM!–“Exception Detected” as soon as I start a new character. I have the latest Direct X. RUnning Windows 7 x64

  10. Thanks for the tips Deathmarine!

    I could get the game to run with Win 7 professional, 64bit no problem but the trouble I had was that the screen flickered in the menu and in-game, making it unplayable. (I downloaded DS off steam)

    Tried a few suggestions from people posting here, thank you also.
    The main one that I didnt realise that there was a seperate .ini file in mydocs.

    Anyway, this didnt actually solve the issue and I dont think anyone posting above nailed the cause down.
    Seems like a graphics card issue, so I played with AMD catalyst control (im running two ATI Radeon HD5670s) and turned off crossfire and forced it to use vertical sync.

    Worked for me hope this helps :)

  11. Thank you! I’ve tried to play many old games over the years, but rarely am able to deal with or find a solution anywhere to compatibility issues. I just found the DS:LoA disc I’d though I’d lost, and I’m so glad I can still play it. Oh the nostalgia. The final step that made it work was selecting the video card, though I also downloaded DirectX. And though it has minor glitches, I don’t recall the game ever being without those. It plays just fine on my mini laptop now.

  12. I googled before installing DS on Win7SP1 64bit because I was wonderinfg if it would work. I found this site and a few others so I thought I would give it a try.

    Low and behold, I have encountered zero issues, so far, and I did nothing but install the game! None of these work-arounds were needed.

    All I did was install DS version 1, updated to version 1.1.1460 and applied a no-CD patch.

  13. I have tried all the steps here but everytime I run it it says smarteSECURE has trapped a windows resource error Please re-run the application.

    1. Try running it with comapatibility set to Vista. Sounds weird, but I tried it it on my computer to fix a different problem running the game, but it fixed my wife’s as well, who was having the esecure issue.

  14. Directx did it for me, working fine now on 7 32bit thanks for the help. tried alot of things before I stumbled apon this :)

  15. Btw, managed to run this on win7 64-bit without admin rights, without the videoconfig trick, and without compatibility trick. DEP security was the only road block for me. Couldn’t get this to work on vista 32-bit though.

  16. Hi there. For all the ladies & gentlemen who still can’t get DSLOA working despite all the effort, try this: turn off DEP for every .exe you can find in your DS installation folder. Hope this helps. And thanks to all contributors in solving this. Cheers

  17. The altcomhelper error has something to do with being the admin.
    to get get past it you need to either use a standard account or run it as one using shift + right click.
    you may need to make a standard account to use initially. once it is setup and the config files done, you can run it from your normal account.

  18. hi im having a problem ive installed dungeon siege and go to start it but when ever i start it an error comes up runtime error microsoft visual ive got the latest updates for them plus 2005, 8 and 10 i cant think of anything else to start it up please help wos looking forward to this game):

  19. I have a problem, DS itself runs perfectly well on my 32 bit Win 7, but (ofcourse theres a but) I can’t get it to full screen, like 2 inches from both edges of the screen are black, i’ve done everything, chose my video card from the DS video config thingy, ran in compatibility modes for everything, different resolutions and whatnot, still screen edges black :(

  20. Alright, well..

    I’ve tried just about every step from this site, (Compatibility modes, ini file changing, dsvideoconfig changing) and unfortunately the game still refuses to run on my computer.
    I also still do not have an LOA folder in my documents and I’ve tried running both games and this is what appears when i try to run the game:

    First I get the message that this game has known compatibility issues blah blah blah… so I just click on Run Program and then the following error appears:

    ATLCOMHelper Exception

    Error, fatal exception occurred (can this object be used in this manner?), HResult = -2147319779
    In function:

    I don’t know what else to try as I have tried all the steps above.

    I have windows 7 64 bit ATI Radeon HD 5770.

    1. I had the same issue. I changed the Compatability (right-click on DS.exe & DSLOA.exe / Properties / Compatability) to Vista SP1 and voila! a working game.

  21. 1) the LOA folder in My Documents will only be created once you try to run LOA at least -once-
    2) you still have to run it in -XP SP2- compatibility mode
    3) feel free to input custom resolutions in the .ini file (1920×1080 works for me). you’ll get a warning when the game world loads, but it will work, albeit with mad stability issues

    let the lulz begin

  22. Sigh, I tried a couple of these fixes and yet, the game still refuses to work. I am a sad panda. Why oh why do you have to give me a gray screen with a few shrubs? WHY?!

  23. Tried all of the above, but with no luck. I’m running the Steam version and tried adding “bltonly=true” in the “set launch options” under properties, and this made the game (sorta) playable. Still a lot of flickering though…I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with a Nvidia GTX 460 card with the latest (275.33) driver.

    Hopefully one day I will come across something that works for me.

  24. Guys, for those still having glitches or crashes after doing the above, here’s what I did;

    The instructions as per above but without the Dx 9.0c stuff as I already have Dx11 which should be backward compatible, so basically just ensuring the ini file and that vid config say something other than TnL.

    Just doing that I was still getting grey screen then crash when starting a new game after the game world loaded.

    So in addition I went to the game exe, right click->properties->compatibility->”Run this program in compatibility mode for; Windows XP (Service Pack 3)”->”Run this program as an admin” DONE

    Now it starts, loads and plays great! Some small framerate loss but still, it works and is a great old game!

    Windows 7 Ultimate – 64bits
    Nvidia 580 GTX

  25. i cant get it to start. when i try to run it says this program is not compatible with your version of windows and say i need to find a different version of the game. i tried what you listed. i tried running it in compatibility mode and it still wont work. any idea how to get it to run?

  26. I followed the instructions but encounter a few of the graphical problems mentioned.

    I managed to solve this by checking the DungeonSiege.ini file in ‘My Documents’ – though the ini file in the installation directory was correctly displaying a non-TnL graphics setup, the ini file in ‘My Documents’ still contained the TnL postfix. Removing this and saving the file solved the issue.

  27. Before I installed game and got error. I went to search and found it here. Yay! I can play them on my computer. Woot!! >:D

    Windows 7 Ultimate – 64bits
    Nvidia Geforce 8800 Ultra

    Thank you very much!

  28. you r the greatest. was pissed when i first bought 7 ultimate, couldnt play game.
    now i can. oh i have 6 g ram and dual 8800 gtx cards

  29. I second Bart, but Mr. Admin isn’t getting paid, so …eh.

    Getting the same result as Mark on Jan/18, same error verbatim. Game has been installed correctly, original DS works perfectly fine. Error pops up numerous times, then requests that the CD be inserted, and continues to pop up until ‘Cancel’ is pressed. NO LOA folders are created in the documents folder anywhere. The only LOA folders are in the DS program folder itself, with one .dll file, two .dsres files and one .dsmap file. Any other possible fixes?

    1. To make things clear on my position in all this is that I figured out a simple way to play Dungeon Siege and LOA on windows 7. It has obviously help many people. I’m not tech support. I didnt run into your problem and i cannot reproduce it to help fix it. Not sure how much more you are expecting from me.

  30. Getting the same result as Mark on Jan/18, same error verbatim. Game has been installed correctly, original DS works perfectly fine. Error pops up numerous times, then requests that the CD be inserted, and continues to pop up until ‘Cancel’ is pressed. NO LOA folders are created in the documents folder anywhere. The only LOA folders are in the DS program folder itself, with one .dll file, two .dsres files and one .dsmap file. Any other possible fixes?

  31. Seriously though, it is extremely annoying when several people ask THE SAME question and it goes completely ignored. Let me ask this again (especially since I have the same problem):

    What if you DO NOT have the .ini file in your LOA folder ?

    Help would be greatly appreciated :-)

  32. It was very solution for me. Thanks for help. Now I can paly my game on W7 ULTIMATE (32BIT).
    Pomocny tutorial – jak odpalić Dungeon Siege na WIN7! U mnie działa 100%!!!

  33. Thanks, it worked great! I have a couple of notes though:

    I did not need to install dx9 for this to work (though it is possible that I already had it, not sure.)

    The folders in My Documents are created the first time you run the game, so you have to run DS & LOA to create the folders before you will be able to edit anything

    While you’re editing the INI files, you can change your resolution to anything you want and it will work in the game. (max setting in-game is 1024×768)

    No compatibility mode is necessary, for those who are wondering

  34. Awesome! I thought I’d have to give up one of my old time favs! It was actually so simple I had to undo all the compatibility changes I made.

    Thank you!

  35. Is anyone getting this problem with Win7 and Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna? Thanks.

    ATLCOMHelper Exception
    Error, fatal exception occurred (can this object be used in this manner?), HResult = -2147319779
    In function:

  36. 2 problems: on dungeon siege it just won’t start up, even after I did what you said to do, and on DSLOA I can’t find it’s folder, or it’s .ini file. I copied the first 4 lines and have spent hours trying to find it. :/

  37. Thanks for the tips! Finally got Dungeon Siege running, the ini file in the DSLOA folder is called DungeonSeige for me, I copied the info from the original Dungeon Seige.ini as suggested and this is what finally got it to work after following all the other suggestions. Everything works fine without any choppiness and with latest Direct X :)

  38. I got Dungeon Siege running fine, however I’m having trouble finding the DSLOA folder. As far as I can tell, it’s not being created. Should this folder be created at Install, or when you first run the game? Also: what is the exact directory of the DSLOA version of the ini file? Thanks for you help though!

  39. @Dan Thanks! You were the only one that mentioned the ini file in documents. I went there, found both folders, copied the 4 lines from the one ini to the other and it worked perfectly. I thought the ini files were in the install directory. Thanks to both dan and deathmarine

  40. I can’t find the .ini file in the dungeon siege folder, only in the documents folder. I can run classic dungeon siege, but not LOA. What should I do?

  41. Siege Editor resulted in BSoD for me. I’m a little nervous about retrying! I may check I have the latest and if that doesn’t solve the problem well I can always do my editing elsewheres.


  42. Great Man!

    LoA the 3 Disk Version, just installed, switched the compatibility mode to windows xp (sp2) and nothing worked.

    After i read here, i switched it to plain vist and no problem. no errors.

    Great man it was so easy.

    Windows 7 (prof 64bit)
    ati radeon x1800 gto (pice) newest driver
    directtx 11 (fully updated)

  43. Same problem as ShazaM and Oianjinsama. Weird graphics corruption; the background of the main menu being painted on top of the menu items, etc.

    Gray screen when actually starting the game; occasional one frame that is rendered properly.

    Running on Windows 7, x86_64 (e.g. 64-bit), NVidia G105M graphics card.

  44. Unfortunately, the game runs extremely unstable on my Windows 7 setup. I get a lot of choppyness and glitchyness in the main menu as soon as I proceed to create my character. However after a few seconds it becomes stable.

    When I load the world, I can see everything for a split second and then I’m left with a gray background, the sounds in the background and some weird sprites around my screen. Something definitely graphics related.

    I’m running it through Win7 64bit + GTX460.

  45. This worked great to run the games. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the Dungeon Siege Toolkit (DSTK) to work properly under Windows 7 64 bit.

    I can install GMAX and I can install the DSTK. I can load Siege Editor, I can load a level, but as soon as I try to rotate the view or pan the view, I receive this error:

    Type : Error
    Module : C:Program Files (x86)DSTKSiegeEditor.exe
    Location : Rapi.cpp line 4224 (at D:workds1dsxDSLOAMODlib projectsrapi)
    Fail Count : 1 (w:14, e:3, x:0)
    Exe timestamp: Apr 14 2004 16:29:29

    (unrecognized: severity=’Success’, facility=’Unknown (0x26)’, code=0x2111), file=D:workds1dsxDSLOAMODlib projectsrapiRapi.cpp, line=4224

    I’ve installed the game on the C drive, so not sure why the reference is to the D drive. I think it’s an issue with Directx 11, but I’m not sure.

  46. Hey, wierd problem.

    My ds ‘tries’ to run, but the menus come up in seperate segments, showing each layer one piece at a time, then when I make a new character, the 3d render on the character starts clipping and repeating, then when the game starts, only odd things, like widows (as in on buildings) and what seems to be bounding boxes for weapons render.

    I’ve tried adjusting the ini files and running in vista mode. anything else (please, this is killing me – my brother in law got it working, but what youve got here is all he did).

  47. How did you manage to install DirectX 9.0c on win7?
    When I try to install it all it does is tell me that there’s already a newer version of DirectX installed and that I should go fuck myself (literally: “There’s no need for an installation of DirectX 9.0c. Setup aborted.”)

  48. hi i have a problem when i install the game it goes all laggy and when you click start campaign or watever it doesnt even show anything you can only here the sounds.

    windows 7 32 bit

  49. Hi, i have a different problem with ds2 on windows seven, on vista it plays just fine but in w7 i cant play it in wide screen, well the game plays just fine but its not allover the screen its in the middle and i have to black fat lines on every side, i am sorry i can explain it better i hope you understand… If you do please help…

  50. Thanks. I’m doing a video playthrough of this game, and it would only startup every one in like twenty tries. Now it launches every time, but the screen still flashes after loading, and it always has some glitched areas that flash black, but that is not nearly as distracting as the problems that occur after an auto-save or a load.

  51. I have the Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna which includes the full version of Dungeon Siege. It is a 3 disc set.
    I have read everything on how to get it to work but I am having some trouble. I understand I have to make adjustments to both the dungeon siege ini and the LOA ini. The problem is I can not find a LOA ini anywhere. I’m running windows 7 and have tried all compatibility modes. I’m not sure if it is because of the way the two games are merged together or because I have a blu ray drive.

    This is the error I get over and over until it asks me to insert disc.

    Error, fatal exception occurred (can this object be used in this manner?), HResult = -2147319779
    In function:

    I have been working on this for a few weeks now and I refuse to give up on this game. The LOA ini file is not in the location stated here. Should I try to copy the Dungeon siege ini file and place it in the LOA folder? I read using a crack helps but I have no knowledge about how to crack a game.

    Again I’m not giving up because this is just such a great game I can’t imagine not being able to play.
    I would also like to add how condescending it is for this error to ask me if this object can be used in this manner and I can’t tell it YES!!!

  52. Thanks so much for posting this!

    Now I’d just like to know why nobody else besides you has figured this out … why the **** isn’t this all over the forums??? And like Dave B, I wonder just WHY THE **** Microsoft can’t support THEIR OWN ****IN GAMES?????

    Dungeon Siege 1 and Legends of Aranna
    I did NOT have to downgrade my DirectX 11 for DS1 to work.

    For those of you still having issues with Windows 7 x64 compatibility. And see the following error:

    ATLCOMHelper Exception
    Error, fatal exception occurred (can this object be used in this manner?), HResult
    = -2147319779
    In function:

    Change your “Compatibility” in properties from Windows XP (Service Pack X) to “Windows Vista”. (I know this sounds retarded, but it works.)

    I am using the following for my path and command line:

    “E:Windows 7Dungeon SiegeDSLOA.exe” nointro=true width=1920 height=1080 fullscreen=true vsync=false maxfps=60 bltonly=true

    use bltonly=true if you get blinking or flashing on NVidia cards. (I get this error on an 8800GT)

    I hope this helps someone. I was very frustrated with it yesterday.

  54. Fantastic, but as this is a microsoft game, why couldn’t THEY be bothered to tell people.
    Thanks so much for sharing, another classic I can play again.

  55. So is it pretty much impossible to get a good framerate on a laptop? (and is that LoA or just the regular DS1?)
    And one other thing…does Windows 7 interfere with the siege editor?

  56. Hi

    Thanks DeathMarine. I would like to add one further tip and that is to run the executables as compatible with Windows Vista.

    Like you I am running Windows 7 x64.

    I followed your steps exactly and continued to get an an invocation error that seemed related to the CD check. Once I set compatability to Windows Vista, It correctly check the and started the splash sequence :)

    I ran dungeonsigie.exe first and let it setup the configuration. I had to do this before running DSLOA.exe otherwise it continued to give the error.

    Many thanks to you helping everyone figure this out.

    1. Hey Simon I have tried many, many times to play DS:LOA and I tried using the recommended settings when I selected troubleshoot compatibility but this was the error I get over and over until it asks me to insert disc.

      Error, fatal exception occurred (can this object be used in this manner?), HResult = -2147319779
      In function:

      I then stumbled upon this thread and tried the method at the top of the page which didn’t work either. But then I came upon your post and I set compatibility to Windows Vista but it still came up with with a different error over and over again which says

      An Invoke error occured but the object did not provide any exception infomation., HResult = -2147352567
      In function:

      It then says

      Windows cannot find ‘Splash.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

      I then press OK but then it asks me to insert disk. I don’t know what to do next as I have tried finding splash.exe manually in the DS folder with not success. Can you please help me!?

  57. I followed the Steps on this site. Ive got nearly the same configuration of Hardware ;) 8800GTX will win ;)

    But it still doesn’t want to run. Maybe my installation Files are broken, ’cause when I install the game, it says 2 times during installation: media authentication failed, quitting setup.
    When i press OK, it installs like nothing had been. When I try to start the game, it says:
    Die Version dieser Datei ist nicht mit der ausgeführten Windows-Version kompatibel. Öffnen Sie die Systeminformationen des Computers, um zu überprüfen, ob eine x86 oder eine x64 Version des Programms erforderlich ist, und wenden sie sich anschließend an den Herausgeber der Software.

    What shall I do? :/

  58. Found a great way to get rid of the refresh rate problem:
    right-click on your desktop -> Personnalize -> Set your theme to Windows Classic

    1. maybe it was luck that it worked for you because i have my windows always set to use the Classic theme since i dont care for all the eye candy and i still had the problem until i did what i posted.

  59. @James

    I have this exact same problem on my powerful laptop (Vista 64) and my girlfriend’s powerful Macbook Pro (Win 7 64). Has anyone else run into this? Tried everything, FPS in menu starts around 45-60 and drops to 10ish. If I get in game quick enough it has ok FPS for a few seconds and then drops to 10ish. There must be some problem because my laptop can surely play much heartier games.

  60. Una pregunta
    Esta adecuación que mencionas es util para cualquier dungeon de la familia o es solo a partir del 2 y, si el windows 7 es compatible con el dungeon siege 1.
    De ante mano gracias y espero respuesta.

    1. es para que puedas jugar Dungeon Siege 1 y Legend of Aranna en Windows 7. de verdad no me acuerdo si Dungeon Siege 2 trabaja bien Windows 7.

  61. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!! I could not live without my Dungeon Siege and now, thanks to you it ‘s working! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  62. I followed your instructions above. However, the game screen flickers when I try to play.
    I have the Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna with Expansion pack. And I am playing the Dungeon Siege itself, not Legends of Aranna.
    When I check version of DirectX it tells me I have DirectX 11. I downloaded 9.0c as you suggest and installed it before I installed the game.
    Any help??

  63. I am trying to play the Expansion pack LOA. I used the Dungeon Siege LOA CDs to install the game. Do i need to install the normal Dungeon Siege before putting in the 3 LOA cds?

  64. Yea, i followed all the steps, the only thing i could also not find (noticed this after i posted last post) was that in “LibrariesDocuments” There was only a Dungeon Siege Folder. No Dungeon Siege LOA. I tried putting the .ini file in “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesDungeon Siege” but that did nothing either.

  65. ignore all that compatibility issue stuff it warns you about. You sure you followed the steps above because even when you dont the game is extremely choppy but you say you can’t even start the game? i think your problems are something else

  66. @admin
    I never got the game running, i went recieved the same message as i did before i took the steps listed above.
    The message says, “This program has known compatibility issues” It asks if i want to look for solutions online or if i want to run the program. I am able to hide the message if this does anything.
    I am trying to run this on a laptop. Running Windows 7 Professional.
    Im pretty sure my video card is a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670

  67. Hi, I just stumbled across this blog while googling my problem. Thanks for the help. This got the program running. However, my framerate is still really slow, like 10-12fps. Any tips on improving that? I have windows 7 32bit, with a GeForce 8600M GT card. DirectX 9 is updated, the video card is updated.

    I can run newer games with no problems, but I just can’t get the framerate up on this one.

    1. i dont know, sounds like you are playing it on a laptop. you sure your laptop can handle the game? you should compare the minimum requirements for the game against your laptops specs.

  68. Any other tips???
    i could not get mine to work.
    also when i downloaded Direct x it asked me where to put it, is there a specific spot that is required?

    1. Direct X is supposed to just install itself on your computer without much input from you. Can you be more specific when you say “i could not get mine to work”? Did the game not run? Is it still choppy?

  69. Thanks a lot. You saved me a good load of time, figuring this out myself.
    I wanted to play this classic and i found myself on Windows 7 x64, so thanks again.

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