Becoming an Electrical Engineer 11/23/2013

The semester is nearly over and I’m doing very well.

In my C programming is going well. Seems that I may be near the top of the class since with this last assignment. I was nearly done with it but there were still bugs in it. We asked everyone coming in and none of them got as far as I did with the assignment. I hope he curves the grade just to make sure I get that A.

It is a fun and interesting class. I just love the flow of logic. I also considered becoming a programmer. I like being able to code something and try it out. Unlike electrical where you put a lot of time into the design, which is lots of fun, then build it and hope you didn’t forget to carry a one somewhere.

My electronic lab is also going well. I’m actually not used to the less accuracy work I have to do. I was very used to measuring everything as accurately and precisely as possible and trying to get tiny error margins. We are very loose with that. We almost seem like we want maximum error margins so we can say that our results fall within error of what we expected. Not good.

I’m about to choose my classes for next semester and it’s going to be a full load of 18 credits. I’m excited and nervous. I’ll have to quit my job and rely on the tiny amount I get from a hobby I do. Guess it will be a job now instead of a hobby. That means no more of anything. No eating out at all and not even a snack here or there. I’m even considering selling my car since I can easily use public transportation to get to college and I’ll be spending my entire day there. We’ll see how finances go before I take that step.

If I’m going to stay all day at school I’m going to most likely need a laptop. I’ve tried to use a computer at school before and they are all always taken. Since the Asus ativ q is probably never going to come out I might go with the Microsoft Surface 2. Black Friday is coming up so maybe I can get lucky and find a really good deal on it.

I think I’ll start posting my finished work on here. As embarrassing as it might some times be. I’m sure it will help others out since it was so hard for me to find stuff. Strangely, finding examples of circuit analysis is difficult. Books I find just give you an example, maybe two, of the idea they are trying to convey. I like repetition to really drive the point home and you run into scenarios and techniques that will be useful later.

Which brings me to another point. College really prepares to stay in college. I mean they want you to get your master’s and PhD and stay in Academia. I’ve heard going around that tech companies don’t like paying people with PhDs because they cost a lot of money and as well they should. I hear that they rather get a person with a fresh bachelor’s degree and mold him into what the company wants. Which kinda works in my favor since I plan to go straight to work after I get the degree and find a place that will pay for me to get my master’s degree.

Not sure about getting the professional engineer test. I hear you only need it if you are going to work for the government. The test is extremely difficult and only about 60 percent of people pass it and it’s even worse if you fail and try to take it again. I’ll probably still try to show that I know my subject since I won’t have any work experience pertaining to electrical engineering.

Becoming an Electrical Engineer 11/05/2013

Not much to say still. I only have two classes and I feel work is cutting into my school work. I had a midterm for my c programming class and the notes I took nearly matched up with the test which made it super easy and I was able to do the extra credit on it.

My lab class is getting much more interesting and intense. Mostly those error calculations are a real pain.

I’m preparing to quit work and go full time for next semester. I’m going to have to cut out a lot of stuff to keep my expenses as low as possible. But since I’ll only have to worry about school and be immersed in electrical engineering I think it will be for the best.

I’m going to be doing stuff on the side to help pay for the expenses I can’t get rid of.

Becoming an Electrical Engineer 9/5/2013

I was able to add both my classes this semester. Was a little worried about my lab since there so many people in it. Then the professor from the other class starts saying that I need some form for him to fill out. Everything worked out so that’s good. Technically I can’t pay for it yet but luckily I get paid on Friday which will give me enough

So far so good, aced my previous 3 classes and I feel confident that I will ace these ones as well.

Maybe I should start posting my actual work.

Becoming an Electrical Engineer 8/27/2013

Yesterday the class I was trying to add to was canceled because the professor had emergency surgery. I decided that that will be the class I will not try to add to.

Now today, the class I tried to add to the instructor didn’t show. But there was no email sent or anything. Someone reported it and was told that they would email him since they don’t have a phone number for him.

What are the chances that both classes I’m trying to add to both have absent instructors on the first day of class.

I hope he shows on Thursday since the two classes I have are both taught by him.

This late class will also be a problem since it seems like I will not make it to work on time. I might have to try and drive to class but I know these early weeks the parking lot is often nearly at capacity and finding a space is extremely difficult. We’ll see what I decide.

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